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Thursday, September 1, 2011

From Zilla of the Resistance:

...Islamic supremacists will harm you if you are a non-muslim and try to worship in a church, and if you decide it may be safer to worship inside a private home instead, they will attack you and it will be your fault

Read it all here.

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Zilla/MJ said...

Thank you! I have noticed with great sadness that my posts about the persecution and genocide of Christians are my least read, least shared, least commented to and least linked posts, despite the fact that those tend to be the ones I put the most effort into.
Few care at all, despite the fact that islamic conquest is happening already here.
Thank you so much for sharing this one, it means a lot more to me than you know!
I see you've written on the topic quite a bit also so I bet you understand my frustration well.