Concepts create idols; only wonder grasps anything. - St Gregory of Nyssa

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time for Truth?

It is always time for the Truth, in the person of Jesus Christ.'s a bit of truth in the political arena, via Bookworm:

Why, oh, why, oh, why do we believe anything the media says about conservatives?  I wrote yesterday that Gingrich is a principled conservative with an unprincipled private life (thinking mostly about his abandoning his cancer-stricken wife), while Romney is an unprincipled conservative with a principled private life.


creatinetenor said...

FYI, Gingrich's daughter set the record straight in a column, link follows. Newt did not abandon his cancer-stricken wife.

Flyover Pilgrim said...

If you read the linked story, you will see that the lie about Gingrich is refuted...