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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stealth Jihad

Camp of the Saints has a great post about Dhimmis.

Jonah Goldberg is not the only conservative who fails to see what is happening under the radar. Sadly, there are so many who refuse to understand the nature of Mohammedism, that it is an ideology that demands that all of it’s adherents, in order to be considered true Muslims and not apostates who are unworthy to live, must wage war at all levels against the non-Muslims with the ultimate goal being either the enslavement of all non-believers or, more preferably in the eyes of Allah, their conversions or deaths.

As Azathoth writes in a comment to Mr. Goldberg’s post:
It doesn’t matter how friendly the smiling Muslim is. He is an enemy. Even if he, himself, would never harm a hair on your infidel heads, he will most assuredly accept the Islamicisation of this country–up to and including dhimmi status for you, his ‘friends’.
The miniscule few who would be considered ‘moderates’ by the West would be apostates to that friendly smiling Muslim. He will accept them now. For now.
See, he works towards sharia–not with great demonstrations, but with innocuous ideas–let’s keep bars and liquor stores away from schools and places of worship–it’s for the Children….and, if you look at our country, you’ll find places where laws like this have been passed–all without mentioning how important the area area a mosque be alchohol free–without mentioning that it is a matter of sharia law.
But he smiles, and he’s nice, and his kids watch tv and play video games just like yours….
They’re in Europe in numbers that would make Charles Martel scream. Let’s not follow suit.

Read the whole thing here.

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