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Friday, January 4, 2013

New year, new life direction...

The Choir Director of our parish resigned December 15, after 20 years of service.

God bless you, Matushka!

I am her replacement...

So-o-o-o-o between getting married, the death of my dear mother, and being named the new Choir Director at church, all in the last five months (oh, and still taking care of my widower dad, his house, setting up our house...etc etc) I've been a bit, um, busy. I hope to be posting here at least regularly, if not every day.

I began leading Saturday evening Great Vespers last month, and took up Sunday and Holy Day Liturgies, special services, and the like, last week. Led my first rehearsal last night. I have not led any kind of rehearsal for about 35 years. (It's hard to believe its been that long.) Anyway, God is good, and His will in these things is my life. 

I also want to take up the paintbrush, and will be reorganizing my art studio to allow for long-neglected icon painting,

2013 will be full of growth, discipline, and hard work! This is good.

The "Chick of the Week" series will be making a comeback, just because I LIKE CHICKENS!
The "Rose of the Week" series will continue, and is in memory of my dear, departed mother.

I think I will be posting more about what I learn about all the Orthodox services as we travel through the Liturgical year, and about conducting, volunteer choirs, rehearsals, icon painting. This blog may turn into an online journal, of sorts. Of course, I probably won't be able to resist SOME political posts!

I hope you come back and read, and leave comments. 

Happy 2013, everyone! God bless you.
Lord have mercy on us.


David said...

God bless you in your new vocation, Rebecca!

Flyover Pilgrim said...

Thank you, David. It is humbling, scary, and interesting, all rolled into one big ball!

Thank you for visiting.