Concepts create idols; only wonder grasps anything. - St Gregory of Nyssa

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Glory forever.

It's been an extremely busy few months, hopefully some of it to God's glory.

I am learning to "be" the choir director. The singers make me so proud. We have gotten many complements on the improved sound, and some singers have told me how much more they're getting out of singing, worshiping God, and leading the congregation in worship. I thank God. It's very satisfying.

Now working on preparing (ahem, "learning") all the Holy Week services and Paschal celebration. In a way, I'm packing four years of seminary choir director training into six months. I's exhilarating and terrifying all at once.

The abstinence of Great Lent has brought my husband and me closer together than we thought possible. And once again, the abstinence from food has brought to the forefront of my mind and heart the sinfulness of my attachment to food. Lord have mercy.

We're growing some of our garden from seed this year. We enjoy cheering on the little plants as they reach for the air and life.

The news of the last months is depressing: . Washington, DC antics. Gosnell. Floods and storms. Boston. Continued violence and death in Chicago, with politics as usual. North Korea. Wars, and rumors of war. If not for the Love, Peace,  and Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the world makes no sense. We cling to the Truth, and that Truth is a Person.

Much more has been going on, I hope to post regularly again.

-- Pilgrim.


GretchenJoanna said...

I am so thankful for you choir directors - thank you, thank you, thank you! "Those who labor and those who SING..." God bless you and strengthen you in these last days of Lent.

Flyover Pilgrim said...

Ah, GretchenJoanna, thank you for the kind words. And thanks for still coming around this little blog, after my long absence.

God bless you, as well, during these last days of Great Lent.