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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Late Term

From Big Government, via iOwnTheWorld:

The Maryland Board of Physicians has permanently revoked the license of abortionist Nicola I. Riley. 
In a blistering order issued May 6th, Riley was prohibited from ever again applying for licensure or reinstatement of her license. 

According to pro-life organization Operation Rescue, Riley’s license was first suspended in September of 2010, after having perforated the uterus and pulled out a bowel of a patient at an illegal, clandestine late-term abortion clinic in Elkton operated by abortionist Steven Chase Brigham, who is not licensed in Maryland. Both Elkton Police, and a physician at a Baltimore hospital to which the patient was air-lifted for the emergency surgery that saved her life, filed complaints. Physicians found that part of the fetus had been shoved into the patient’s abdominal cavity when Riley ruptured her uterus.

When police raided the Elkton clinic, they found the remains of thirty-five frozen late-term aborted babies. Both Riley and Brigham were arrested and charged with murder of the babies, but charges were dropped after an expert witness for the prosecution abandoned the case under pressure from the abortion lobby.

See the links above for the rest of the sordid story.

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