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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Long day

We had a lovely day.

Lots of ball throwing and chasing. A long ride in the car. a walk with lots of brand new scents.

We came home to visitors (some of her favorite people), and a snack. Life is good. Noon time.

Mail came! I opened the door to get the mail. The temptation was too great. The door was open, the squirrel was in the yard.

Our happy, lively terrier took off after it. I yelled after her, "Susie, stop! Susie, come back!"

All she could focus on was the rodent. She did not catch the squirrel, rather, she was caught by a car.

High, piercing scream from the pooch.
"BOOZHIE!" I screamed.I threw down the mail.

She looked at me in terror and pain. She scrambled up, and ran toward home, and me. She ran, on three legs.

The driver barely slowed down.

Shock. Dismay. Anger. (That was me.)

Our brave Susie was stunned by the pain, and only wanted to be held. Not a whimper from her. She only panted, from the pain.

We took her to the vet. An x-ray was taken. The right rear femur was completely broken in two...and a hole in her thigh. A minor contusion to her chin.

We were referred to an animal clinic 30 minutes away. They would not do the surgery. We ended up driving two hours to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Purdue University. Before we left with her, the clinic doctor gave her some pain medication, and antibiotics. She was calm for most of the drive, until the pain meds wore off...

Susie is in ICU. Surgery is on Monday. The veterinarians and the students are extremely competent, and kind. They call with updates twice a day.

The expense is great, but Susie will be alright, barring any complications. I can't see her until Tuesday. It's a long drive.

It was a long day.

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