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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Green Tomato Chutney

My DH and I prefer to stay away from processed sugar, and limit our intake of other sugars as much as we can.

We are not diabetic, and we thank our God for that.  However, sugar has been shown to increase inflammation in the arteries, and then the roughened inner surfaces of the arteries can "catch" the particles of cholesterol floating in the blood, resulting in blockages.

So I have been searching far and wide on the internet for low- to no-sugar recipes for canning -- especially all 13 pounds of green tomatoes we picked this weekend when we prepared the tomato beds for the winter.

I finally found "my recipe" here. [well, of COURSE I'm going to nudge it here and there to suit my taste and available ingredients...]

I also found a wonderful resource that is new to me: the National Center for Home Preservation.

They have an on-line course. Considering I am already taking two at-home courses, this one may need to wait until 2015. It is definitely bookmarked!

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