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Thursday, September 11, 2014

I still remember

Still pertinent to the day, this post.

I still remember walking into work that day; the sky was as clear a blue as in the photo above. Glorious, gorgeous September sky and sun.
I still remember the disbelief as the newest reports came in.
I still remember telling my manager: "this means we're at war."
I still remember the sight of the plume of smoke and debris floating out to sea that day.
I still remember not being able to cry.
I still remember the utter quiet of the skies when commercial planes were not flying.
I still remember the seeing the sporadic glints of the fighter planes, flying high, high, high above.
I still remember gingerly opening my mail, using rubber gloves, outside on the front porch, because of the anthrax scare.
I still remember deciding never again to use a tunnel to travel to the city.
I still remember the smell of the stench of Ground Zero.
I still remember the stories of "I would have been there...except" from friends and loved ones.

I still remember.
Do you?

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