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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Two guns sold to a Mexican cartel and used in the high-profile kidnapping and murder of a Mexican lawyer last year were purchased under the U.S. Justice Department's failed anti-gun trafficking program Operation Fast and Furious...

On Gunwalker - The Ultimate False Flag Operation.

Bottom line: Gunwalker never, ever had ANYTHING to do with drug enforcement or stopping the cartels. NOTHING. The reason that the Obama regime, which we all know is a treasonous Marxist-totalitarian enemy force, executed the Gunwalker program was to create optics (lots of dead Mexican civilians, dead Mexican law enforcement, dead Mexican military and dead Americans) that they could then use to justify the elimination of the Second Amendment via the U.N., specifically the Small Arms Treaty.  ...

...the Obama regime specifically handed the weapons in question to the Mexican cartels, and then explicitly FORBADE the ATF agents from interdicting them.

Curious dealings in D.C. since 2009...

New details are emerging about the murder of a New Mexico businessman/rancher, Larry Link, 68, who was killed yesterday on his property.

Hidalgo County Commissioner Ed Kerr told the Las Cruces Sun-News there has been recent illegal immigrant and drug activity near Link’s property.

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