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Friday, June 17, 2011

Joy Index

Ranked at the top is Communist China, followed closely by North Korea.

More at Dr Sanity.

Hey, this "study" made me laugh, does that improve the US's Joy Index?

By the way, as I type this, the radio is playing, the A/C is on; I have had enough to eat today. My shower was warm, I had soap and shampoo. The hair dryer worked.

Here's what North Korea, the country filled with joy, looks like at night:
South Korea is bright, North Korea is dark. This amazing image is included in the standard US Department of Defense briefings on North Korea. It was mentioned in a news briefing on 23 December 2002 by Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, who stated that "If you look at a picture from the sky of the Korean Peninsula at night, South Korea is filled with lights and energy and vitality and a booming economy; North Korea is dark." There are a number of versions of this image in circulation, with visible differences that vary according to the conditions at the time the imagery was acquired. 

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