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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spring in Flyover Country


Zilla/MJ said...

Gorgeous pictures! Our purple flowers (are they irises? I'm bad with flower names) usually blossom much later here in my part of NY.

Flyover Pilgrim said...

Thank you, MJ! I have a little Kodak digital, and I think it takes great photos.

The purple flowers are irises. Those particular ones are next to my front door. In the background you can see the pink clematis that I planted three years ago.

The irises are sentimental to me. My mother's best friend gave her some to plant, and years later, when I moved back to flyover country, Mom gave some to me.

Except for the photo of the green leaves, all photos were taken this spring in my yard...yes, one of the very rare sunny days this spring. The shot of the green leaves is from a near-by park, and photo was taken spring 2010.

Thanks again for stopping by!