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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sordid Garment

Malicious joy is a sordid garment which our spirit sometimes dons with great satisfaction. The very moment that you rejoice in the sinful fall of your brother you have also fallen to the joy of the devil who, with one hook, snared two fish. Brotherhood, according to the flesh, is a great bond but brotherhood, according to the spirit, is even greater. When you are grieved by the sin of a brother according to the flesh, why then would not the sin of a brother according to the spirit grieve you? When you conceal the sin of a brother according to the flesh why do you, with malevolent joy proclaim the sin of your brother according to the spirit? Who are your brothers according to the spirit? All Christians - all those who communicate with you from the one and the same Chalice, the one and the same life. O, how great were the saints in their brotherly love! O, how far away from them was malevolent joy! The following is said about St. Bessarion: on one occasion all the monks were gathered in church for prayer. The abbot approached a monk who had committed a sin and ordered him to leave the church. The monk started to leave and Bessarion followed him saying: "And I, also, am the same kind of sinner!"

St Nicolai Velimirovich
Prologue from Ochrid, June 6.


Zilla/MJ said...

That is some serious wisdom there.

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Flyover Pilgrim said...

I agree, MJ, and thanks for stopping by.

It's not just "proclaiming" someone else's sin that is sinful; it's taking malevolent joy internally, too.

Lord, have mercy on me and save me, the sinner!