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Monday, January 2, 2012

St Juliana

Commemorated January 2

In Russia, the merciful Juliana provided just such a example of piety and spiritual purity as the women had revealed to the venerable Macarius in the East, in Christian antiquity. Her life teaches us that even in the world, even within a family, amid cares for children, spouse and members of one's household, one may please God no less than one who withdraws from the world to a monastic cell: one only need live according to the demands of the love of Christ and the righteousness of the Gospel.

The merciful Juliana was born in Moscow, in the palace milieu, to pious and philanthropic parents named Justin and Stephanida Nedyurev. Her father served as the steward at the court of Tsar Ivan IV Vasilievich, known as the Terrible. Justin and Stephanida lived in all reverence and purity, with their sons and daughters, and a multitude of servants, possessed of great riches. Into their family the blessed Juliana was born in the 1530s...

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Righteous Juliana, my heavenly patroness, pray for each person reading this today, that the Lord would have mercy on their souls.

O merciful Juliana, helper of orphans, mother who bore thy cross! With thy generous right hand make bestowal upon us who now pray to thee, and ask the all-merciful God, Whose very name is love, that He grant us rich mercies. Be thou a good helper unto mothers who have given birth unto children; a holy preserver of purity and love within marriage; a wise nurturer of little children and youths; a compassionate comforter of the orphaned and sorrowful; a sympathetic healer of those who are tempest-tossed by sins; a mighty defender of those subjected to trials by their enemies; and a merciful mediator before God and the all-pure Theotokos for all who ask thine aid. And pray thou all the more, O holy favorite of God, that we be given the grace of the all-holy Spirit, that preserved thereby and saved unceasingly in this life, with thee we may glorify the all-merciful Redeemer, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to Whom is due glory, with His all-good Father and His holy and all-compassionate Spirit, unto the ages of ages. Amen.

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